Skin Whitening vs Skin Lightening Cream

Whenever we see beauty and skin care products, it can be confusing to find that skin lightening is actually different from skin whitening. In general, they share the same objective of making the skin whiter, lighter, and fairer. But in this article, we will discuss their differences.

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Skin Whitening

Skin whitening is the most common term used for skin lightening, skin brightening, and actual whitening products. It is almost a general term, used especially in countries, where white skin is believed to be a standard for beauty.


Skin whitening creams can make your age spots and dark spots less visible over regular use. But, it goes way beyond that. It aims to whiten the skin into a shade that is whiter than what the person is born in.

Skin Lightening

A skin lightening cream can be easily mixed up with skin whitening and even skin brightening products. Whitening and lightening can be the same when it comes to making spots less visible. But, the latter does not force your skin to be whiter than its natural color.


It mainly focuses on making your skin tone even, all throughout your face, neck, body, arms and legs. These exposed parts are often darker because of the sun damage. The face is susceptible to having dark spots that can be an effect of aging, acne and pimple scars, or UV rays.

Spots can be caused by skin trauma, making melanin produce more than its normal state. That is why, a skin lightening cream may also use the same active ingredients that skin whiteners have.


The advantage of using a skin lightening cream over a whitener is that you can flaunt your skin more naturally. Just imagine a whiter skin that still has an arm with different shades - it’s not fair all over.

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