Covering up is a woman’s easy and quick solution to dark underarms. But why cover it up if you can fix it? Here are easy underarm care tips that you can apply to yourself.

Dark underarms are caused by many factors. It could be the deodorant we use, the sun, our shaving practices, genetics, and more. Aside from genetics, there are ways to counter the other factors.


Deodorants usually promises to stop the sweating and the shame that our armpits can bring. Now to achieve this, alcohol and aluminum salt is used. These ingredients can irritate the skin. The irritations can later on cause the armpits to dry out or darken.

Opt for natural deodorants that does not have alcohol or aluminum. There are a lot of it in the market today. This is a sure and easy way to lighten up the armpits.

Washing regularly can also help in caring for the armpits. This will wash off any residual ingredient from deodorants. Sweat and odor will also be controlled.


Hair Removal Practices

Shaving has been a go-to procedure to get rid of armpit hair. Though some are already embracing “natural”, it’s not the same with others. The use of razor can result to cuts, razor burn, and irritation.


Another common hair removal practice is plucking. This takes effort and time to complete. It can also cause darkening and splotching. Not to mention that the pain is longer.

Waxing has recently become more popular because of its longer lasting effects. Compared to shaving, the armpits can stay hair-free for up to a month; unlike shaving that only last for a day or three.

A more effective practice is laser hair removal. This one is more expensive and requires a number of sessions, but the effects are even longer than waxing.


There’s no “right one” to these four common hair removal practices. It still depends on the type of skin, pre-care and the post-care that one does. Moisturizing and exfoliating are essential to any of these practices. Underarm care is subjective in most cases.

Skin Care Products

Deodorant isn’t the only skin care product that you can use on your underarms. There are healing creams, moisturizers, and skin whitening products.


Maybe many of us already have one in our cabinet. But check each of them again. Be mindful of the ingredients that were used in making those products. Irritation can come in small sizes. For a more potent whitening experience, opt for a product that exfoliates, whitens and moisturizes like Shouvy Underarm Whitening Cream.

These are just few of the underarm care tips that you can apply to your skin care routine. Take note that the effects may not come out that quick. Consider the fact that each of us has different skin types and needs.


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